Julie O. is author of fiction and nonfiction, China speaker and visual philosopher based in Amsterdam and Copenhagen. After studying History and Philosophy in China, she arrived in London in 1990 and then left for Holland to study at the prestigious University of Leiden, during which course she rediscovered, through the detours of Japanese literature and art, the huge treasure trove and eternal values of East Asian aesthetics in whose presence her heart first opened. She hosted talk show China TV for Dutch National Broadcaster VPRO and was Editor-in-Chief of English/Chinese bilingual lifestyle magazine XiN, introducing contemporary Chinese art and design. She also wrote for Hoje Macau on contemporary Chinese culture and worked as Chief-Content-Provider for MaisOrient Film Production (Macau). Julie is visiting professor at Saint Joseph University in Macau, teaching Art and Aesthetics and Creative Writing as well as holding webinar on East Asian Aesthetics. Currently, she is working on her new book Sex, Drug and Bicycles in Imperial China. The narrative nonfiction takes the reader on a journey in the footsteps of forgotten women of Chinese history.