Who is Dorya Glenn?

Dorya Glenn is pseudonym of Dutch writer and performance artist Julie O’yang and Flemish photographer Filip Naudts. The duo created the personage in the summer of 2016 and have been stalked by this mysterious woman since.

On May 25th, 2016 Filip emailed Julie and asked her if she would be interested to work on a photogrphic novel together. Julie sat down immediately and started to draft a sci-fi story. Dorya Glenn was born! One year later, in May 2017, the artists left for Plomion., a quiet village in Northern France. They took a whole week to shoot the series of 300+ photos and 50+ video footages for raw material.   

Julie O’yang is a Europe-based writer/artist. She grew up in China. She left for London in the 1990’s and has lived in free exile since. Her work covers a wide spectrum. She draws inspiration from her multicultural and interdisciplinary background and creates an imaginative world. She is known for her bold, edgy and stunning approach toward her subjects. Julie currently works from The Netherlands and Denmark.

Filip Naudts is a Flemish press photographer and photography artist. His photography has been applauded by the media as well as the general audience. Today Filip Naudts is a household name with a strong artist’s signature. In his creative process, he is fascinated by beauty as well as its relativity. His art reflects an aesthetic sensibility characterized by intimacy and a sense of humour.